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The Underdog Wealth System

This is what they say on their site.

"Congratulations on finding your way here! I hope you're ready to earn some serious money because within the next hour you can have your first $400 banked, and from there on you can be earning $400 to $1200 every day!"

It's a scam. There's no way the average Joe is going to make this kind of money. It's a lie. It takes a seasoned pro months or years to bank this kind of money online. These guys are lying. Stay away. Don't buy into this junk.

The Underdog Wealth System is an affiliate offer page, meaning, that if you download the casino software he tells you to off his site, he gets paid, that's what it is all about, nothing else.

And there's a good chance that anyone who downloads the casino software will upgrade to a paying member because of all the fluff they just read and believed. He makes a lot of money off this, you however will lose your money at the casino silly.

Do you really think that an online casino is going to let you walk away with a few hundred every day?????? Are you really that niave????

The whole things a scam to get you to download the software so he gets paid. If you really want to make money for yourself, instead of him, find something else.

Oh, and by the way, and are the exact same crap, no doubt, either by the guy doing the "Underdog Wealth Secrets", or by people ripping off his idea.

Anyway, it's all crap.


Anonymous said…
how do u know its a scam have u tried it
Big Al said…
I downloaded the software so I could get his affiliate ID, which I did.

He makes a lot of money off people downloading this.

Then I tried his bogus system out, sure enough, completely bogus.

Then I wrote this review. I had to try it, I'm not going to write about something I know nothing about.

Did I actually believe it would work???? Of course not. I know enough about Casinos to know there is no way to beat them with the silly system he sets out.

Download the software and give him some money, upgrade even, and give him more. Then go lose what little you have left at the online Casino.

You're better off looking elsewhere for the secret of making money. He is smart though, and the whole concept is brilliant.

Good luck at the Casino.
Anonymous said…
This Underdog Wealth System sure is a scam. I got sucked in for about $2500.00 in the three different casinos. I won a little bit when I first started it seemed to be working. I thought this is great! Then as I tried to win more the roulette table kept coming up the same color. I couldn't believe it! I kept doubling my bets like the program said and the table kept coming up the same color. Ten times in a row it turned the same color. I lost all the money I had gained. Also while I was playing I tried to make a withdrawal on some of the winnings I had. You can't get your money out!They do not allow that to happen. It's a scam! scam! scam!
Big Al said…
Of course you're going to lose, of course he knows that and want's you to spend and spend.

He get's commissions on what you lose, not win. Not to mention the commission he gets for you just downloading the casino software.

And yes, he want's you to download all three, more money.
Anonymous said…
Don’t lose your time and money in a casino thinking you’ll win something with the strategy he proposes (in fact any strategy). If you do I predict you’ll have good winning days and you’ll be happy but in a long run you will inevitably lose all the money you put in those casinos and you’ll be sad and very deceived...
It’s mathematically impossible to win (in a long run) against any game a casino offers. The first sentence of his website is already false. (A Flaw in "the System" has leaked...) There is not flaw in any game (roulette included). The strategy he proposes is not new at all. It is a betting system called “Martingale”. Go to this website if you want mathematical explanation of why you can’t win with this betting system :

When I first read about the method he explains, I was thrilled and at the same time I was skeptical. I have an engineering background and I like mathematic, so I wanted to more about the probability of winning with this strategy. I realized afterward that it was just a lure. He doesn’t go to the bottom with his explanation, and he will never do. See the mathematical explanation. The odds are always against the gambler. I’m pretty sure the guy knows why his method doesn't work. But he knows that he could make money referencing naive poeple to a casino and I’m sure he doesn’t use his method. Don’t fall into that!
Mathor said…
There is at least four reasons to avoid this underdog system from my point of view:

1- The number 0 is considered to be neither red nor black. Because of this, you alway have little bit less than 50% to win. This is why the casinos (online or real) always make money from this bet, in the long term.

2- Even if it was really 50%, the system he describe will give you a big chance of winning small money and a small chance of losing big money. If you use it day after day, you will eventually come to this small chance and lose all your money.

3- These softwares are ... Softwares. You dont really know how they are programmed and the odds are surely differents than a real casino. It is not recommended to bet money on something you dont even know how it is really calculated.

4- If the guy's system really worked, why he would feel the urge to share it on the net, especially whem he say himself that it is important not to get caught.

Hope this help somone take a good decision.
Unknown said…
thanks for your sound advice
people like this really piss me off.... its really sad that people will get sucked into this scheme
Anonymous said…
OK lets all face it, the Casino Programms are Programmed to take your money it is not even a typical Casino Mathematic design.! By the way everyone thanks for posting these important words for the rest of us silly sorts who hope it will all be above board This site is that little voice on our shoulder turned up loud!
Unknown said…
Hi guys:
This what I think about all this stuff:
when a lot of people are suffering our economic disaster they desperately trying to find income to survive. As a result they become vulnerable to all kind of on-line scams.
I have no trust to any add, promising $$$ for doing almost nothing with almost no skills - I got burned ones...

Well, I did look on Google Cash thing which I got from What it interesting - if you click on the same offer but at different place on the page, it will direct you to different website. What is notable - they looks very similar. Both of them are asking $1.95 for s&H. However, in tiny print on top of each page it said that you will be charged $56 a month unless it canceled.
So, here is a scheme:
1. You look on this "offer" and consider - $1.95 is not significant money to risk. OK.
2. There will be another $1.95 for another S&H.
Question #1: what kind of shipping and handling is required for downloads?
They already made $3.90 for nothing.
3. You sincerely trying to make money and working hard. Month pass by and you owe them $56. If you are not paying attention to your account this money will be withdrawn and gone for you.
4. If you feel deceived right away - you already paid them $3.90. Consider, how many people think that $1.95 + $1.95 is not too much money? A lot!

Now my story:
I've been looking for a specific software on Google. Three websites - "sponsored links" pop up with maximum ratings. I got to the first one - the software was listed. I paid $4.95 (limited time subscription - regular price $79/month) to access their download links. THERE WAS NO THAT SOFTWARE I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! There were hundreds of links to original vendors, which are useless, because to download Adobe Reader anyone can go straight to Adobe.
Now, I had canceled my subscription but lost $4.95.
I've tried to go to other sites - they've been almost a carbon copy of the first one. Telephone number was not working - just a message machine.
Is it bad - it is, but I have a fight with my cell phone provider - Sprint every month - they are sticking "mistake" charges - $15 for this, $7 for that. Now my opening conversation line is: "Your company continuously attempting to defraud me...". They are not arguing - removing mistakes, apologize but, next month it happens again. If, supposedly, respectful company as Sprint, massively defrauding people - what to expect from small crooks?
And the last thing - in a history of mankind there where great civilizations - Greeks, Egyptians,Romans, etc. They all failed not because of external forces, but because their internal degradation dissolved their moral fabric of society. This is what happened to us right now.
Best of luck.
Anonymous said…
Almost fell for the trap, in his site he says he is a nice guy trying to help out. But why would such nice guy fail to mention u cant make withdrawals without reachn the betin wagering req which cum with taking the bonuses. And in most casinos by playin roulette u dnt count its wasting yo tym, big tym scam
Anonymous said…
If only I came accross your website a few days early otherwise the casino's would not suck me out $500.

The first night I won a few hundred then I thought to myself I am rich, I have found the easiest way to make money online. Only to realize a few days later that I am losing all the time. When I win once I would lose twice the amount with the next game.

It was like the casino knew what I was going to bet next. I stuck to my guns and continued doubling with every lost because I wanted to follow the system to the T.

Then I kept depositing my money until I had only $10 left in my bank account and that is when I realize I am gambling away all of my hard earn money.

I am angry with myself for believing that the system would work and that I can actually cheat the system.

I want everyone to know that these website are scams. I have been fooled and now I am broke so I don't want anyone else to fall in the same trap like I have.

Stupid me for being so niave about the whole thing.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, I stepped into this scam too. Lucky me, I was only fooled for € 50,00. I wanted to win it back with the 2nd casino but luckyly it refused my mastercard (Swiss Casino). The girl from the helpdesk was online and saw that I could'nt put money on my account. She pushed me to try another way (Ideal, only for Netherlands) I refused that! Either mastercard or nothing.
But then came the doubts and I googled 'The Underdog Wealth System' what brought me here... I'm sure I won't go any further with this scam! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
definitely a scam- i tried it for 2 days made about 400 dollars and then same colour came up about 9 times in a row including 2 zeros and wiped me out (happened twice)
Anonymous said…
Just remember when Einstein said The only way to win from roullette is to steal from the table. He was right. The same goes for all casino games.
Anonymous said…
Yepp... this is a scam indeed! the highest you can bet on roulette is 50Euro, and whips ther goes his stinking system down the toilet!

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